How to Grow Watermelon Well(Part 1)?

Jul. 06, 2020

Watermelon is a popular summer product that not only relieves heat and quenches thirst, but also treats a variety of diseases. How can we grow good watermelons and ensure that they are all sweet? Let's understand the cultivation method of watermelon with watermelon seed suppliers.

First, selection of excellent varieties

Watermelon resources are rich, there are many excellent varieties, thin skin, crisp water, sweet taste. However, we must pay attention to prevent the hybrid degradation of varieties, reduce seed quality, yield and quality.

Second, cultivate strong seedlings

Due to the rainy season in June and July in our country, and the low temperature and rainy weather, you can use the method of seedling transplanting to plant watermelon. In this way, after transplanting in the field, the melon seedlings can slow down the seedlings quickly, survive early and grow early, so as to hold the fruit firmly before the arrival of the plum rain season, avoid the empty tree running vine, and achieve the goal of early maturity, high yield and high quality.

Triploid Watermelon Seeds

The specific methods for raising seedlings are:

1. Build a seedbed. The watermelon seedling bed should be selected near the melon field, with leeward sun, good drainage and irrigation, and convenient management. Generally, plastic film arch-bed seedling beds are used, and the bed is 15-20 feet long and 2.5-3 feet wide. After the seedbed is ready, pour 90% of the 800 times crystal trichlorfon preparation solution on the bottom of the bed to kill the remaining pests in the ground. Where conditions permit, seedlings can be raised in a nutritious bowl.

2. Sowing seedlings. According to the climate of our province, watermelon is generally planted from late March to mid-April. Before sowing, the seeds should be selected once, deflated grains, insect grains and mildew rotten grains should be removed, and full seeds should be selected. Before germination, soak the melon seeds in cold water for 12 hours, then rinse the dirt on the surface of the seeds with clean water and put them in the germination place. The germination temperature should be maintained at 30-32°C, and the humidity should not be too high. The gauze wrapped with seeds cannot be pinched by hand. You can no longer wash seeds during germination, as long as you change the gauze when you check the germination, usually change it three or four times, and always keep the surface of the seed non-sticky, and the gauze does not yellow, and you can germinate and sow in about two days.

Sowing can be done on a sunny day. Before planting, pour enough water into the nutrient bowl, then put a germinated seed in the center of each nutrient bowl, the bud tip is placed in the bowl diagonally, covered with soil 2-3 cm thick, covered with a film, and pressed around .

Before the seedlings are unearthed, the seedling bed is kept at high temperature and high humidity. The temperature is kept at 25-3°C during the day and around 20°C at night. After the soil is unearthed, it is 20-25°C during the day and 16-18°C at night. In addition, water appropriately. The bed soil should be kept dry on a rainy day, and the temperature can be slightly lower. Before planting, it is necessary to pay attention to the low temperature exercise to remove the film, so that the seedlings are thick and strong, and enhance the resistance.

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