• Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

  • Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

  • Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

  • Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

  • Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

  • Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

Genoecious type. Suitable for early spring greenhouse, spring and autumn plastic tunnel cultivation.

Product Description

Type: Cucumber Seeds                                               Color: Green

Certification: CIQ; CO; ISTA; ISO9001                        Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: SHUANGXING                                      Model Number: SXC No.8

Hybrid: Yes

Supply Ability

Supply Ability: 10 Ton/Tons per Year

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 200g/bag or as your own request.

Port: Tianjian or other port as your request.

Short fruit kind cucumber hybrid seeds SXC No.8

1. Genoecious type. Suitable to early spring greenhouse, spring and autumn plastic tunnel cultivation.

2. Strong ability to develop and set fruits continuously.

3. Resistant to low temperature, poor light, downy mildew and powdery mildew.

4. Tolerant to high temperature and fusarium wilt.

5. 15 cm in length of cylindrical fruit, smooth, glossy green skin, good taste and high yield.

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Cucumber seeds, cucumber seedlings pest control

How to remove aphids on cucumber

Aphid-killing dust agent can be used for powder spraying control, followed by setting up a yellow board to trap aphids, or using aphid pine EC, quick-miting butyl EC, Kungfu EC, chrysanthemum EC and other agents for spraying control.

What medicine is used to prevent and treat cucumber leukoplakia?

Cucumber leukoplakia can be controlled with agents such as benomyl, anti-mold, and polysulfur suspension. Vitiligo mainly damages the leaves, and it should be controlled in time after the disease occurs.

Cucumbers don't grow big and shrink

Cucumbers do not grow and shrink, most of which are due to low temperature, lack of fertilizer and water, and improper pruning. Therefore, in cucumber planting, the temperature should be controlled in time, take measures to prevent the cold from spring, timely replenish fertilizer, increase potassium fertilizer, and pruning properly to remove deformed melons.

Control of Cucumber Downy Mildew

To prevent and control cucumber downy mildew, reasonable dense planting, high-ridge cultivation, and humidity control should be used. During the onset period, use Amicidal suspension or Dasheng wettable powder, azoxystrobin chlorothalonil and other agents for comprehensive spraying.

Yellow leaves of cucumber seedlings

The reasons for the yellowing of cucumber seedling leaves include excessive changes in the external environment, excessive watering, excessive fertilization, lack of trace elements, and occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Therefore, relevant causes should be found in time and symptomatic treatment should be carried out.

Packing & Delivery


Small package for garden customers maybe 10 seeds or 20 seeds per bag or tin.

Big package for professional customers, maybe 500 seeds, 1000 seeds or 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg per bag or tin.

We also can design the package following customers'requirement.



Normally we will arrange shipping within 3 working days after confirm the workable payment if by post or by Express. If by air or by Sea, we may need more time.

Also the shipping cost will be higher if by Express than by normal post.

Normal post
Around 7-30 working days
Around 10-15 working days
Around 4-7 working days
By Air
Around 5-7 working days
By Sea
Around 15-30 working days


Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

Our Company

Short Fruit Kind Cucumber Hybrid Seeds SXC No.8

Hebei Shuangxing Seeds Co.,Ltd.

Hebei Shuangxing Seeds Co.,Ltd was founded in 1984, and the predecessor of it is Shijiazhuang Shuangxing Watermelon Research Institute. It is the first private breeding specialized technology enterprise that is integrated with scientific research, production, sales and service in Hebei Province . It is a credit enterprise with AA grade in seed industry of China, a credit enterprise with AAA grade in seed industry of Hebei Province, an enterprise with high technology and an enterprise with famous trademark in Shijiazhuang City and even in Hebei Province. It is the governing unit of China Seed Association, the vice chairman of Hebei Province Seed Association, the Shijiazhuang International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Base and Hebei Province Youth Science and Technology Innovation Action Demonstration Base.The company has its own R&D team and perfect R&D systems. It also has its own international leading level bases of production and testing and they are spreading in Hainan, Xinjiang, Gansu and many other places of China, which lays a solid foundation for breeding.

The company supports good varieties and quality services and best price to return the support and trust of farmers on the priciple of credibility first, pioneering and innovative, prudent operation and strict management.

A seed changes the world, a belief creates brilliance!

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